Just wondering — I noticed there are a LOT of Community Team members from central Texas listed but there aren’t any Kmarts left in Austin or even San Antonio. The closest is Killeen, I think.

Will some new Kmarts be built in Greater Austin, San Antonio, or even Dallas any time soon? It’s crazy that there are 6 or more stores in El Paso and none in Austin and Dallas! Texas’ population continues to grow and Kmart should compete here!


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  1. I believe the last of the Kmart's in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin all closed in 2002. No idea why they decided to completely abandon these markets. There are now over 100 Wally's in the DFW metroplex alone, many of them less than ten years old.

  2. Kmart Closed Or Stopped Construction On At least 15 Locations in 1994 In Texas.Most Super Centers.

  3. Hi, Tea! I haven't heard of any plans to expand in the central TX area but will certainly share any news I am able to dig up with you here in the future. How far from a Kmart location are you?

    1. In response to laurelS

      Oh, I have one right here where I live and another about 35 miles away! I just saw a bunch of Community team members listed as being from Round Rock (near Austin) and I thought maybe Kmart or SHC had plans to expand around here. I think Austin was in the running for the SHC headquarters last year.

      I have to go to Austin and Dallas for medical care sometimes and it's nice to have a Kmart around to pick up things I need if I have a hospital stay! I hate having to resort to Wally.

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