Just what is the new Business Model?

We Keep Reading About The New Business Model As The Stores Are Closing Give Your Customers And Example Of Your Future!


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  1. Your looking at it.

    It's called

    The CEO took controlling interest in Sears & Kmart knowing that ALL of it's stores were dying, so he made a decision and decided to buy the dying company and sell off their real estate after said market started growing again.

    In 10 years there will be no more Kmart stores...

    1. In response to vampirevsrobot

      Which Kmart real estate does Sears Holdings actually own? I don't think Kmart was bought for the real estate. I do agree that there will be no more Kmarts in a couple of years. As soon as the rest of the leases expire I think that will be the end.

    2. In response to vampirevsrobot

      Over 3000 Sears and Kmart locations are for sale. There listed on SHC Reality Web Site. Owned or Leased properties are for sale.

    3. In response to vampirevsrobot

      Kmart was bought first - Sears was probably bought for the real estate - When Kmart was bought how many Kmart stores are using leased buildings at that time? I don't think Kmart was bought for the real estate.

      Kmart was doing fine till they tried to diversify too much. That and oh yeah, they hired Charles Conaway and he was a crook.

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