Is there any way to get our previous blogs fowarded to our email addresses ?

I’m hoping that the blogs were retained… Or a copy to be sent to us would be okay… :)


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  1. Hey yobarps! Let me know what blogs you were hoping to find and I will be happy to investigate for ya!

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      Hello, Laurel ! My blogs from the old community - is there any way to get them emailed to me ?

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      I received the email with the link to my blogs - Thanks Laurel !!! So very helpful {^^,]!

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      Hi Yobarps! Good to see you on here. What happened to everything? The site is so different now, I'm a little confused....

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      I think we all are a bit confused with the change... But it's good to see you on here too :)!

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      ya whatever happened to the old page? I liked it better. No more badges, I cant upload photos or anything on this new wont even let me correct my birthday since it's wrong in my profile.

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      Hi firefighter! WELCOME! It is so awesome to see you back!!!! Hope you are well. We have everything you mentioned above on our list to add back. For fixing your birthday, I believe you should be able to edit by clicking on your user name in the top right corner of the page, the click the 'About Me' tab. Click 'Edit Profile' and sign into your Account again. Once logged in, you should be able to view and edit your birthday.

      Hope this helps! So glad to see you back, please do stick around. :)

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      Howdy Howdy, my friend !!!

      Yeah, you've been gone from here awhile :) I've been hoping for our own homepage again, but it hasn't happened yet... I've been bummin' around here back and forth, trying to help keep it running, LOL !

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      Thanks, was kinda hard finding this place lol, had to google how to get back here. All is well here except for the bitter cold that's coming tonight haha. -10 degrees and -31 with the windchill. I tried to edit my birthday but when I go to save it a box pops up saying that I have to enter my password above to confirm it but there's no place to enter my password.

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      Yes - I forgot that they changed the address too...
      We've got the same temps - supposedly back to mid 2O's Thur/Fri.

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