Is there any way I can upload my pictures of all of my christmas decorations and settings that I created from all of my holiday purchases exclusively from Kmart?

I’d like everyone to see the great finds I find at Kmart and show tips on how to get creative with these amazing decorations from the Sandra lee and Jaclyn smith lines. I would like to upload some photos bit I’m not sure if I should do it on here or the shop hour way site. I think people will be really inspired by what they see, please let me know, thanks, Deb


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      Hi Laurel, I sent you an email tonight. This is really exciting! Please get back to me about the questions in the email when you get a chance....Deb.

  1. Hi, deb! Currently the new community profiles are not capable of photo uploading. This is something we are considering to include in updates to the site in the future. Would photo sharing top your list for improvements needed in the community? Let us know! Your feedback is very important to us!

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