Is There An Easier Way to Clean the Stoves Drip Plates?

Hi Leslie,

I am having issues keeping the drip plates clean underneath the stove top coils. I have tried scrubbing with comet which leaves them all scratched up, magic eraser which seems to tear to easy, and have even covered them with foil but each time I lift to clean underneath them, I tear the foil.

I am the type of person to clean them instantly if anything boils over, but my kids do not when helping during the week to prepare meals. So on cleaning days I am always having to re-clean after them.

Do you have any suggestions that I can try differently besides having to go out and buy brand new drip plates every 2-3 months?


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  1. I'd start by trying a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Put two of the drip pans in a large pot that can go on the stove. Fill it with enough hot water to cover the drip pans. Put about 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda into the water - then place the pot on the stove with low heat. Keep it there for an hour or so, then turn off the heat and add a cup of white vinegar. Let the pot sit as long as you can. Both the baking soda and vinegar will work to lift off the crud!

    1. In response to cleaningcoach

      Wow! I would have never thought to use these 2 ingredients to clean these drip pans!

      Thank you for the suggestions for I will definitely be trying this out. Since I live in an apartment I really did not want to have to keep replacing until the day of when moving out.

      Appreciate the help Leslie!

  2. Hi Sweety !

    While Leslie prepares to reply, I'm jumping in here to recommend another approach... I don't know if they are available, but I would personally look into investing into ceramic replacements (which means that you've given me another search task for tomorrow, which I adore !)

    A ceramic or substitute would be much easier to clean ! I do know your pain truly, especially for the area around the surface of those rings of the burners ! That's my trouble spot !

    Replacing the drip plates with cheap ones may indeed be the answer... we'll see {``, !

    1. In response to yobarps

      Looks like 'porcelain' is word for the available coating on some replacement pans I found. Sears carries some of these, but make sure that you read the review carefully for sizing :)

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