is there a list of BP gas stations participating in the Kmart gas savings program? I live in Maryland have been to several BP stations and they all say they do not participate in the program. What is the use having a program no one participates in.


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  1. I have it!! This site kept removing my answers, so in the end I posted a modified answer in reply to one of the other posters.

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  3. That was a horrible answer. All we want is an actual answer about WHICH stations in Miami participate in the gas program? I've been to over 15 gas stations, and they all say they are private and not corporate. They tell me ONLY corporate stores participate. Please help!

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      Hi zotbot,

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      Since this last posting we have received updated data to help our members.

      If you can please provide your zip code I would be happy to see which locations are available in your area.

      Thank you!

  4. Hi, nana1keke2. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Please click here to view a list of participating Kmart locations and partnering stations. I would also recommend calling your local Kmart location to get specific details on which stations are participating in the local area. Hope this helps!

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      I am looking for actual BP gas stations not Kmart stores. All the Kmart stores in my area are participating but no gas stations are accepting the coupons.

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      The gas coupons for my local Kmart print them for Speedway and we've had no issue with any we've used them at.

      I would suggest trying to use the BP coupon at a BP store with an updated computer system because if the store has an old computer system they probably can't scan the coupon so won't be able to accept it.

      Hope you find a store that takes your coupon because any savings in gas purchases is something we all need with the prices being so high.

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      I have the answer, but the site keeps "removing" my answer. Without explanation. It's just links to the bp and sunoco pages with the info.

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      What the???? It won't let me post it!!!

      Go to bp's station finder. Click the "discounts" checkbox. Those are supposedly the ones.

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      Here's a link that says so, but I bet it won't post.

      I'm going to remove the http. It doesn't have any w's.

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      Okay, that posted. Reading the find print on that page, it says to click the “cents per gallon discount" on the bp's site's list of it's stations. I haven't tried to go the the listed ones yet.

      For sunoco, this site worked

      I tried one station on the list and it worked. Another wasn't on the list and didn't work.

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      TO KMART
      It would help if you would 1) include links on your rewards page to the bp and sunoco sites which have the list of participating stations 2) put those links on the coupons.
      Coupons are used to create good will. This could be better, SO EASILY!
      Please pass this onto your manager or email it to your suggestion box department.

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