Is Smart Sense brand going away? :-/

While at Kmart a couple weeks ago I noticed a “new” brand on the shelves in a few spots (Swan.) Today during my shopping trip to the K I noticed more products under the Swan brand which seem to have replaced Smart Sense.

The products I noticed replaced so far were a few first-aid items such as rubbing alcohol and even mouth wash. Any info on this switch and can we expect to see other brands such as Image Essentials and Home Basics follow?

I know I’ve seen the Swan brand before in my parents home years ago (when we had a local Kmart) so is this an original brand Kmart carried?


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  1. Hmmmm, not sure! Interesting!

    I have not seen this brand in my store as of yet. I will have to double check around the items that you had mentioned to see if maybe I missed it though.

    Better yet, I think I will be stopping by the Kmart on the coast for which I will be moving to at the end of July. I have not been there since 2005 so I am excited to see what they are carrying compared to where I live now.

    I have not heard of any brands changing over, but will keep you updated if we find any information stating so! ;-)

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