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    I believe that generally inventory is different at each Kmart location. Is there something we could help you find?

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      Laurel, I could see how customers may get this perception of all stores being out of an item if one is. Recently I started really exploring the Shop Your Way Rewards website which I quickly got lost for two hours rating & adding items sold mostly by Kmart into folders I created etc. Most of the Smart Sense and Image Essentials products were all "out of stock" on this site along with the site. Recent visits to local Kmart stores in my area made me begin to wonder this same question asked above due to the fact quite a few of these were out of stock in store as well.
      I believe the problem is due to the fact many items sold in store at most Kmart's isn't updated online, especially with the whole "mygopher" option. I have found (American Fare) products at the Saint Johns MI Big Kmart that list them as "out of stock" or just don't list them online at all when clearly they are "in stock."

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      Drives me crazy too. Sometimes I'll have to go through 4 websites (Kmart, Sears, SYWR & mygofer) to get a item that shows "out of stock" on Kmart's site. I've also resorted to placing items on online layaway because you can search individual stores inventory and choose shipping as the delivery method.

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