Is it possible that we will eventually get a second store in Lakeland Florida?

We used to have 2 stores # 3985 which is still open and another store on the North side of town that closed during the bankruptcy. Will there be a second store or even a Super Kmart here anytime soon?


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  1. Be glad you have the one remaining store, same situation happened here in the Lansing Michigan area. We had three Kmart stores before the whole bankruptcy and merge with Sears. The former Kmart store in Okemos (Lansing suburb) closed a few years before any major financial troubles within the company surfaced. That store was very outdated, felt like you were stepping straight into 1975 the moment you entered the store. The space was converted into a Best Buy the moment Kmart vacated. Once the first big round of store closures hit, Lansing lost the Big Kmart on the west side while keeping the south side Big K open. The problem everyone pointed out when the west side store closed was the fact they closed the wrong one since this store was a very nice store. The south side Big K is still hanging on, even had a nice K-Cafe up until about two years ago. This was my preferred store until they closed the K-Cafe which depressed me enough I decided to go all out and hit up the Flint MI stores instead, explore a different ghetto. I do miss the K-Cafe.

  2. I was wondering the same thing about North Charleston, South Carolina also... seems like this is the only KMart for a big area that is flooded with Wal-Marts. I also miss that our KMart had a deli and a complete grocery store... Now it is back to what KMart used to be when I was a kid

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      I was just down your way this past spring and we hit up the Kmart in Mt. Pleasant, wanted to go to the one over by you in North Charleston but due to traffic and rd work it wasn't going to happen. I'm a little worried about the road work they did by this store causing it to lose business since they made the very busy rd past it into a freeway or were in the process when I was in the area. Just glad there was a Kmart since we were on vacation, those rewards points came in handy while buying munchies and other necessities.

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      I really want to see Kmart grow and open a few more stores. People here are tired of walmart and all of their ****.

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