Inexpensive carnival game ideas?

My kid’s school is having a big Spring event in a few weeks, and I helping with the carnival area this year. We are looking for some fun games they can play, on the cheap! We are doing a hula hoop contest, face paint, bean bag toss, and a beading station.

Anyone have another idea? Just looking for a few things to keep the younger kids entertained this year.


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  1. WOW! Lots of great ideas!

    There is always the famous "cake walk" too.

    But instead of using a cake, you can use cupcakes or cookies or even use some of For2Day's ideas like seeds to plant or something of that nature. ;)

  2. I lost my comment again, which I have to cut down now. Food is always involved. I thought: maybe a make your own drink table with mint, lemon/limes, strawberries donated from someone's garden or a local store. Since it is the planting season, smaller potted mint etc. can be set aside for people as prizes etc. Perhaps, a prize with the same theme can be set up with a basket of either food, or planting seeds etc, perhaps from Kmart??? It is a way to get the kids interested in a healthy project after they had a bunch of fun, and learn something for the future.

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      I am SUPER into this plant idea, For2day! Our school has a nice garden, and that ties in nicely with it. Thanks for posting this!

  3. It's so nice to see you guys! :)

    I am loving the Balloon Stomp! That is a great one-we have lots of middle schooler kids prepared to help-they can blow up those balloons.

    I like the Cane Toss, too. I forgot about that one from back when we were kids, too.

    I will let you all know what we end up doing. I for sure will make sure we incorporate one of these games into our plan this year!

    Thanks for all of the awesome ideas!

  4. Howdy, JulieK !!!
    My favorite has always been the Cane or Jug Ring Toss, where you use a plastic ring to try to ring-in a prize of a cane or any other prize. You can have the wee kiddies spell their name, count or any other exercise to be eligible for a turn in lieu of money :)! An adult can pre-drill the holes for insertion of a few sets of drawing markers of various colors, or whatever's handy, into a few large cardboard boxes. You can even have four kids paint each side of the cardboard boxes before the event :D ! Each color can represent a myriad of prizes, with the largest prizes saved for the 4 corners and middle peg of the grid !

    Happy Carvival Days !

  5. fishing pond

    This is a classic. Player extends a small fishing pole over (or through a hole in) a screen. The operator in back of the screen attaches a prize to the line. Fishing poles can easily be made from bamboo sticks or wooden dowels with a clothespin or paper clamp on the end of a string. Paint the screen with lively underwater designs for more fun.

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      Excellent games Izel !
      I've missed the community something fierce :):) ! The flu has reminded me that the K-community is still around ! I'll be around more often again.... {^^,!

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      Welcome back!

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      Thanks, my friend (",)!

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      YOBARPS!!! Welcome back, friend! You too, Izel!! :)

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      Hey there, Laurel ! Thanks, and I couldn't stay away any longer ! I've missed all of you {^^, !

  6. Oh how I miss going to those as a kid! One popular game you forgot to mention is musical chairs. Another one I am familiar with is called Balloon Stomp.

    Tuck a prize slip inside a small balloon and then inflate. You can write the name of the prize on the slip or just a number corresponding to a prize. Have lots of prize balloons ready, store in plastic bags (garbage bags). Player chooses a balloon and "stomps" it to pop it and see what their prize will be.