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The past few years I’ve noticed a major issue with Kmart stores when it comes to providing customers with a good selection of Halloween decor & other items in-store.

Every Kmart store I’ve been in around this time of year has maybe 1 1/2 isles of Halloween decor yet right next to this very limited selection is almost four full isles of Christmas decor not to mention the large area used to display Christmas trees & other large decor is fully stocked.

Take a look online on the shopping site and you will see a HUGE selection of Halloween decor & costumes. Kmart could be pushing store sales on so many more items if only the focus on providing what is online at the stores wouldn’t be so over looked.


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  1. Hi Izel and deb! Great to see you both.

    Thanks for sharing this feedback! Do you feel like this is a trend in general in retail brick and mortar stores these days or unique to Kmart? I will be happy to share your thoughts with the greater Kmart team. I have noticed more Christmas merchandise displayed earlier this year and I'm wondering if this is a trend among retailers today.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. I agree. Although I love the Sandra Lee halloween items this year, I was a little shocked to see that there is more Christmas stuff than Halloween....

    1. In response to debrockwell

      Deb, check out the Halloween selection online! Lots of new items added this year. :-)

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