In aswer to SHC_lAUREL S Hoffman est. Il In regards to the post I left about the panelsJaclyn Smith Logan Panel Pair – Mineral in 54 x 82 and I was going to buy 6 sets but I could only get 3. This states it’s a new item so I’m surprised there wasn’t enough. I tried Sears as well as Kmart. that were not available, it seems I cannot reply to your reply so I am having to post here to answer you. Funny, I couldn’t login as usual either. The panels I was interested in were labled as “NEW ITEM” so I was very surprised at there not being at least 6 sets for me to purchase. The panels are


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  1. Be nice now there's only so much one can depend on and its not here.

  2. Sorry for the messed up post but it's not the easiest website to post on.

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      No worries, baileysgran. I saw the link you posted in the previous thread, thanks for posting! We are checking inventory for you and will reach out with more information soon. Thanks for your patience!

    2. In response to baileysgran

      This site isn't always the easiest to navigate, many flaws they need to work out. We had a REALLY good site a couple years ago until they reformatted to this one. I wish more than anything for that old site to come back or something close, you would have found that one to be a lot better.

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