In 2012 I received a letter from Sears telling me that I had over 1400.00 in Kmart Pension from when I worked at Kmart in the 80′s. I filled out all information to have the check rolled over into my 401k and received a from 1099-R from Sears. While working on my 2013 taxes I ran across the 1099-R from 2012 and decided to check and make sure my money was rolled into my T-Rowe Price account. Spoke to T-Rowe Price about it and they have no record of that amount being deposited to my accounts. Now when I try to reach someone by phone to talk about this the phone prompt asks me for a PIN number that I do not have. Does anyone know how to call and speak to a human regarding my pension?


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  1. Hi, MKDENTON. Welcome! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble connecting with our Pension Team. Please email us your contact information (full name, phone number, email address) to and use subject line 'MyKmart - MKDENTON Pension' and we will have a member of the team reach out to you directly.

    We look forward to helping you with this further!

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