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I’m thinking of growing a few herbs on the patio. What are three culinary herbs that you recommend growing? Also, any growing tips for containers is appreciated. Thank you.


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  1. The best culinary herbs to grow are the ones that appeal most to you. That said, some culinary herbs are premium when fresh (though the dried versions are really good) and ideally suited to containers. If it were me, I would definitely grow rosemary, basil, and chives. Choose containers at least 12 inches in diameter--24 inches in diameter or more is even better and will produce bigger harvests. Basil is an annual; give it full sun, consistent moisture (water regularly) and moderate feeding--compost or a complete organic fertilizer applied at the beginning of the growing season should suffice. Give another dose mid-summer if needed. Rosemary and chives are perennials. Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb and therefore thrives in full sun and moderately fertile soil that is allowed to dry slightly between waterings--do not let the soil dry out completely. Chives can be grown in full sun to partial shade; water needs are same as the basil. Good luck!

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