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I’m looking to start a garden for the first time, and I’m not sure where to begin. What equipment do I need?


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  1. It is a good idea to know what kind of soil you have and areas of light and shade. Then, what you are intending to grow. They have to be placed in the right spot, or will not grow or be stunted. You should plant according to similarity such as with companion planting, and how much water or loose soil they need. Though I do not have a land garden, I have been around them and helped out. The best is to start a compost which is organic in nature. If you are intending to grow bushes, or trees, you will need better tools. You may want a few contained large planters too. Any specifics that you are set on?

  2. The best place to begin is with a plan. In other words, determine where your beds or planting areas are to go, what you want to grow, and how you will provide supplemental watering. It's okay to start small and feel your way around--you can always expand at a later date. And it's a good idea to contact your local cooperative extension service as they can help you in determining your soil type and needs, your hardiness zone, and the ideal time to plant and harvest.

    A few basic tools you'll need are a spade, shovel, hand trowel for small planting, a garden hoe and/or cultivator to break up the soil, a hand weeder, shears and trimmers (depending on what you'll be growing), wheelbarrow, hoses, and a good pair of garden gloves. Also include an irrigation system, whether soaker hoses, drip irrigation, portable sprinklers, etc. Last but not least, added amenities such as a bird bath and cozy place to sit and enjoy the view are always a must have!

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