I won a $10 gift card!

I had an email notifying me that I had won a gift card for being a top contributor here on the site which is awesome! Every little bit helps, I’ll be scraping by for awhile cash wise. Just returned home from vacation, spent an expensive week down in Myrtle Beach SC.

I did stop into the Charleston SC Big Kmart store for a few small items and drinks for the car ride. Our hotel in Myrtle Beach was quite close to Kmart too but didn’t make it over there since we were so busy doing other things. I honestly wouldn’t mind living in Myrtle Beach but glad to be home.


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  1. Congratulations to you. I check in ever so often but have not had much time to read. Good to see familiar names here and others who keep it active. If anyone is reviewing things like food that is only at Kmart-hope to find out.

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      Hi, For2Day ! It IS good to see your posts too ! I hope that your Spring is going well {^^, !

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      I left a short message in the other discussion and have one going

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      Hey, I entered a comment and did not even try to submit, these keyboards have a life of their own.

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      Hi ! The same happened to me as well... :D
      I loved your other discussion too !

  2. Congratulations Izel!

    Happy to hear that you had a a great vacation too! I have heard that Myrtle Beach is a beautiful place!

    What all did you do while you were there? We would love to hear more!

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      Lots of time on the beach out in the sun, did a short helicopter ride along with hitting up all the gift shops.Of course I had to take a cruise thru Myrtle Manor Trailer Park while in Myrtle Beach and were able to meet a few people from the show. For those who haven't seen the show on TLC you really should, season 2 is taping at the end of June. We also stopped into an old asylum on our way down south in Weston West Virginia, probably my favorite stop while on vacation!

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      How wonderful Izel!

      I have never flown in an helicopter, but it is on my so called "bucket list". The gift shops are always my favorite along the beaches.I normally come home with a few trinkets each time.

      I have watched the Myrtle Manor a few times, whom did you get to meet?

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      I met Becky the park manager, her daughter and the park owner Cecil when we were shopping at the gift shop right there in the park. They have a little souvenir trailer with all sorts of Myrtle Manor items.

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      That is great! That would be a site to see and I know exactly whom you are talking about.

      I am amazed that they even had a souvenir trailer there too!

      What great memories to have and to share!

  3. Way to go, Izel ! Making money while being 'low in the throw' is awesome ! Glad you had a great time there :)

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      I think I'm ready to go back, this weather up here in Michigan was terrible when we left and had to return to the same stuff. Rain, clouds, mosquitoes. lol

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      I hear ya ! The same story description for Illinois, I'm afraid... But I'll remember these time when the sweltering heat&humidity is blanketing both of our states later, LOL !

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