I was wondering if I purchased Kmart and Sears Brands at Meijer would I be able to get Shopper Reward Points from Kmart?Also some friends at Church today were talking about Sears taking over Miejer and Rebranding all the Kmart stores as Miejers ?This makes a lot of sense to me but is it True?

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  1. I HIGHLY doubt the information you heard was anywhere close to being the truth, good and bad gossip always seem to follow Sears/Kmart brand which is sad. I'm not a fan of Meijer stores even though its a Michigan based company and I am a lifelong Michigan resident. Meijer would never sell out to SHC because of the fact its a large very successful company with no reason to sell out to another. Meijer is doing very well financially and has been rapidly expanding its location base such as a new store and gas station 20 minutes from my home. There have been at least two former Kmart stores I recall that were purchased by Meijer and remodeled into Meijer stores. That would be comparable to saying SHC is buying out Walmart and branding them as Kmart stores.

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      very well said, friend.

  2. Nope! Besides Meijer is a bad store, I'm having a little internship' at Meijer but after work I sometimes go to Wal-Mart. Wish we had Kmart in town tho.

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