I was very impressed with our Kmart this Xmas.I Shopped Sears Walmart and Made Kmart my final stop.It was very busy and full of Deals.The Manager was at the front door Greeting Shoppers and assisting at the Checkouts all of which were operating very efficently.As I was leavingI noticed what appeared to be a couple of well dressed Sears Excecutives doing Shopping cart Duty in the parking lot.The store Associates were very helpful and new what they were doing and availible to assist customers.It was a total improvment from the other stores I had shopped at that Weekend!Its been along time since I was impressed in a Kmart Store.Now That Mr. Lambert has taken over will he erase the improvments like he has in the past?By the way this store Deserves to be Upgraded I’m sure it would Pay Very Well Off In The Future.Busiest Kmart I’ve Seen In Ten Years!!!!

Excellant Location and Walmart has been voted out of Town.


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  1. My friend Amy was praising Kmart this Christmas season, she always used to be one to complain about their prices but said Kmart seemed to have the better deals for the most part this past Christmas. As of Eddie Lampert taking over, at first I was thinking how bad things were going to be but my opinion changed a little after reading an article on that subject yesterday. Both Sears & Kmart have been struggling for years, even before Eddie stepped in as a major shareholder in the company. I think having him step up to run the company could go either way. It gives him a good chance to get more involved in the daily operations but thanks to negative media coverage on the way he has done things in the past, he has a lot to prove but I say give the guy a chance. We all probably have thought "put me in charge and I'll make a big change and save Kmart" but honestly I feel bad for the guy with what he is facing because its a mess. As a loyal customer I'll continue supporting the company with my sales but its going to take total dedication from other loyal customers if we want Kmart & Sears to stick around. If you can buy it at Kmart DO IT, even if you're paying a little more. Use your rewards card religiously and you will notice a difference when it comes to savings and rewards. Yes I've paid more many times by shopping at Kmart but because I did I was able to receive other great deals at other times to make up for it. Forget Walmart exists, just drive right past it next time you need a big box store. ;-)

  2. I agree! I shopped with Sears and Kmart a lot this Christmas, both in-store and online! I got a lot of great things at super prices and really love all of my purchases!

    I did buy quite a few gifts for family and friends in France and England since I was there this fall and got some special things but I still bought jammies, fragrances and stocking stuffers at Kmart.

    Hahaha, for myself, I made out like a bandit at the Black Friday and pre-Black Friday sales! If I need certain things, I try to hold off buying until the holidays and that really paid off this year! I got a new mixer, coffeemaker and toaster and a new winter coat! The real bargain, though, was the 39-inch flat panel TV which I didn't *need* but am sure thrilled to have!

    Well done, Sears and Kmart! I hope the people who enjoyed shopping at the stores for the holidays will keep going back all year-round!

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