I was preapproved now I have to reapply why? The system was down my 10 days is up today. kmart worker said come back when system come up. I hear you all up and running but have to reapply


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  1. I had same problem, guess what while system was down those who was pre-approved got kicked out of system and has to re-apply, however; when you do reapply its getting denied. Im very disappointed with this program, several of my friends are in same situation once they reapplied they was denied as well.

  2. Hi, shortylov1. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Unfortunately, we are not authorized to view information regarding approvals/denials for this program.

    Please reach out to WhyNotLeaseIt Customer Service at 1.855.949.6685 or reach out by email at

    Hope this helps!

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      I had the same problem and was given the number to call and can never get through for any help this program was a great disappoint for us we planned to get a bed for our son and the program was a God send but it turned out to be a disappointment I stood 2 hours in line to get approved got the bed stood another hour and a half to be denied that hurt so kmart you have lost my trust and business and everyone I talk to will hear about how kmart lease and go is a scam.