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  1. Its always good to see or hear about a former Kmart building receiving new life since many end up demolished for other structures. The former Corunna MI Kmart, one of my favorite stores that closed back in 2009 is one of these stores that has been saved and reused. It sat empty up until this past summer when work was started to divide the building up into four separate spaces. Currently the Garden Center of the former Kmart has a Heating & Cooling business, Snap Fitness and recently the large area of Kmart where the entrance was they are working on a new store called Family Farm and Home. The Family Farm & Home store is a Michigan based company and they even left the original "Kmart" style looking architecture above the doors where the K used to be. Excited for this store to open up in March so I can see what my former favorite Kmart store looks like inside.

  2. Hi,

    What a wonderful idea! I have seen some closed up retail buildings turn into some beautiful churches as well as Mom and Pop stores these past few years. Quite a few of them had wonderful structures so it did not take much to give them an uplift. Just depends on what the organization is looking for as far as size and location.

    Thank you for sharing! ;)

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