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I want to start growing tomatoes in my backyard to make some homemade salsa. What kind of tomatoes should I get? What else will I need?


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  1. A couple thoughts from someone who has been down this road before. 1) Try to plant in an area that will get lots of sun late in the summer. I live in Chicago and my garden tends to get shade in August which means the tomatoes tend not to ripen.
    2) I would plant 1-2 Roma tomatoes and then vary the others. Personally, I like to grow tomatoes I can't find in my local grocry store (like yellow or purple tomatoes).
    3) Your local farmer's market can be a great resource. Not only to sample (heirloom tomatoes have really taken off lately), but the growers are typically really friendly and happy to share tips.

  2. Choose a tomato variety with a lot of meat-to-juice ratio, such as 'Big Beef', 'Early Cascade', 'Garden Fresh Salsa', or 'Viva Italia'. Try a combo of tomatoes for added color pizzazz, such as a red variety with a different colored variety. A few tasty options include 'Italian Gold', 'Black Prince', 'Green Zebra', 'Pruden's Purple', 'Caspian Pink', and 'Pineapple'. Also, grow your favorite hot pepper or two along with pungent herbs such as arugula, peppergrass, or even nasturtium leaves for a distinctive kick. Just don't forget to keep an extra bag of chips on hand.

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Roma tomatoes are a favorite for salsa as they have a meaty flesh with fewer seeds, I like to add a sweet variety of tomatoe as well such as cherry tomatoes, you can also ad variety with color such as pear tomatoes. add peppers to you taste jalapeno, habanero, or your favorite, herbs like cilantro and diced onions, Try heating your favorite resturant style chips for 15 to 20 seconds in the microwave just before serving.

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