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I still have a sunny spot on my patio for another container and would like to grow a tomato. I know I’m getting a late start, but are there any tomatoes that I can grow before frost comes in fall? Our first frost can be anywhere from October 15 – 30. Thanks.


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  1. There is still plenty of time to reap the rewards of vine-ripened tomatoes from your patio. The key is to buy a good sized potted plant (6 inch container or larger) rather than a tomato seedling, and choose a cherry tomato, grape tomato, or an early maturing variety such as 'Stupice', 'Valley Girl', 'Juliet', or 'New Girl'. You can probably even get a good crop of 'Black Prince' tomatoes (one of my favorites) in plenty of time before frost hits in fall.

  2. If its potted and not too large you could probably just cover or bring the whole plant inside at night if there is a danger of frost. They seem to grow pretty fast so you might have time to get another one going.

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