I returned from vacation to find the Community has drastically changed! Where are the discussion boards? Review and ideas sections? I’m not sure how to navigate this new section and I miss the friends I’ve made, too. Help!


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  1. Welcome home, my dear friend ! Glad that you made it back safely {^^,!
    I'm slowly unclenching my teeth at this change and I hope that we will get those modules soon... A few of us are still holding the tow rope, so feel free to post at will :) !

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      I have just now found this part of the site since the change. I was about to give up. I enjoy posting here but now it is not user friendly. I will keep my fingers crossed for changes soon.

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      Howdy, Kresgeman2 ! Ditto for me, and I hope that you can find this reply easily... I guess that I could have answered again at the top, but that doesn't seem to make sense, with the reply button within your reply... This does suck eggs !

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      Hi Yobarps!
      Still getting over jet lag and dealing with being back in the States, lol. I don't really have much to post about here since the actual discussion feature is gone. Oh well.

      One thing I am really stoked about, though, is the improved Shop Your Way rewards. There seems to be a lot better deals and rewards offered now, much better than writing reviews for points or spinning a rigged "wheel."

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      Hi, Tea !
      Settle in as best you can... ;) I too appreciate the SYWR site a bit more now, and look forward to shopping there soon !

  2. Welcome back, Tea!!! So wonderful to see you back. How was your trip to Europe?! Yes indeed, the community format has changed quite a bit since your last visit. The discussion boards and ideas module are no longer available at this time. We are working on enhancements to the community daily, so please do give us a chance to continue improving and working to meet your expectations! The Q&A module is open for all questions/answers you may have, Kmart related or not. Feel free to interact with us through the Q&A module. You can continue to submit reviews by going to the product page of the item you wish to review on the retail site and select the 'Write a review' link (example product page here: The community was moved a bit closer to 'home' and is now more streamlined with the online experience. Please help us create the welcoming and fun community we all know & love by sharing your unique personality here. We have missed you! Hope your Europe trip was amazing, please share some highlights with us when you have time. :) Thanks for your support, Tea! Feel free to reply with any additional questions about our new community.

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      Hi Laurel!
      My trip was awesome and I had a great time. It was so good to be able to see my friends again! It was hard to come back!

      This new site really doesn't lend itself to discussions but that wouldn't be such a bad thing if there were better blogs and topic sections with great information and novel ideas.To be honest, some of the blogs and articles are rather lame so there really isn't anything compelling to make folks want to come here.

      HOWEVER, the Shop Your Way Rewards program and website are WAY better! The rewards incentives, coupons, and bonuses have improved a whole lot and that's really important. The information and members' feedback resources are better, too.

      To be honest, I'd say that it makes more sense to scrap the MyKmart site and centralize info and resources at the Shop Your Way Rewards website. It's better to have one really good customer site, IMO.

  3. The moderator is still here and she can help you. If you go down the Q@A sections, there are just a few people who you might catch and will respond. I miss everything and am sorry to see it change.

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      Me too !!! I also hope that we can each get a homepage again . . .

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