I recenlty received an oil change at my lcoal sears store. I then received an email telling me I can save 8.00 on my next oil change. awesome! The problem is the 8.00 discount offer expires beofre I am due for an oil change. If an oil change is every 3 months or 3000-4000 miles, why nwould tehy send me an offer to save 8.00 within a month of my last oil change?


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  1. Hi, pmmwi. You likely received this email because your email address was included on a mailing list for all/recent Sears Auto customers. Perhaps you have a family member in your household who owns a vehicle that is due for service soon? Perhaps you could share the discount with a family member of friend!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Hi..well, I am single, so I prefer to use the discounts I earned as a sywr member..My suggestion....on oil change coupons..ask them to have a 90 day expiration, not a 30 day

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