I received a set of cookware, purchased at Kmart as a Christmas gift. I did not get an original receipt for the merchandise. I want to exchange the cookware for a slow cooker. Is that possible? From what I have read, I have to provide a receipt, but that isn’t possible.


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    Some stores are more flexible than others on exchanges without receipts. Please visit or call your local Kmart Store and speak with a customer service representative for help! Perhaps the gift giver could provide you with the receipt if need be?

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for the suggestion! I hope they will let me exchange it. Unfortunately, I already checked with the person who gave it to me. I also told her she was really missing out on a lot of good deals by not being a member of SYWR!!! I really want a slow cooker!

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      I have missed many gifts from Kmart some from my children and my husband my children live out of town so when they bought me a bracelet for mothers day I had a receipt but they would not let me exchange it for another one a stone had fallen out said all they could do is charge it back to there card. And then I couldn't get another one because it wasn't my card. Didn't feel right telling the kids that I want my mothers day gift back .they were going to get it next time in but was a year later and forgot about. I was so upset though crying because it was from kids. But Kmart lost out 300$