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I read your blogs regularly and especially love the food tips that you include for vegetables. My green beans are coming on strong and was hoping that you might share a few tips on how to use them in the kitchen. I normally just microwave or saute on the stove, but looking for other ideas. Thanks and looking forward to your next post!


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  1. First of all, thanks for checking out my blogs. I hope they have inspired you with new ideas for your garden.

    Fresh green beans are always on the menu in my summer kitchen. I often use them in curry dishes (especially with potatoes or eggplant), tossed with pasta, cut up with other veggies in homemade pot pie, or blanched a minute or two to tender crisp and combined with carrots, zucchini and other fresh veggies for a veggie platter and dip. I also enjoy green beans in stir fry, especially with walnuts and a touch of fresh orange juice. Oven roasted is always a winner, with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and whole grain mustard and thyme.

    My mom's favorite way to prepare green beans was simmered with cooked potatoes and then tossed with bacon and caramelized red onions. I've added my own personal touch by tossing chopped fresh rosemary toward the last minute of two of cooking time. And I would make it for her every time she came to visit. Enjoy!

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