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I put in ivy as a ground cover two years ago and it’s still kinda scraggly. What can I do to encourage it to spread and fill out?


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  1. Your question took me a bit by surprise as I'm usually getting questions on how to curtail its growth! Ivy is typically planted 18 to 24 inches apart. That said, if your initial planting was spaced farther apart than that you might want to fill in with a few plants. The best way to encourage ivy to spread and fill out is to give it what it craves--a high nitrogen fertilizer. I prefer aged manure, but any high-nitrogen fertilizer will do. You can fertilize now, and then do a yearly routine of feeding in spring and again in mid-summer. (Be sure to water in well when applying manure or fertilizer.) Getting a bit aggressive with ivy will also encourage it to spread out; snipping off a couple of inches off the tips in later winter will result in more side growths come spring. Good luck!

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