I put a treadmill on layaway, I ended buying one from a different kmart much closer to home. How do I get my money back from the layaway?

the original kmart was in Auburn, Maine over an hour and a half away. The kmart I bought from is in Waterville ,Maine, about 30 minutes from home The layaway item I bought online, the second treadmill I saw in person when I was shopping for something else.You can also contact me by phone at: (***)*******, thank you for your
immediate response.


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  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Thank you for joining the MyKmart Community!

    I am assuming that you have cancelled you layaway? If so, you should be receiving your refund within 5-7 business days from the date you had initially cancelled.

    For more detailed information on your layaway, you can visit the layaway website, under layaway FAQs for I am unsure if any fee's will apply.

    For further questions on this transaction, you can also speak with one of our Kmart "Chat" Representatives so that they can pull up your account and provide you further information.

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you!

    PS, I removed your phone number for your own personal security for this is a public website.

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