I purchased 2 $25 gift cards on 5/6/13 as part of your current promotion yet I received only one $5 bonus card. Shouldn’t I have received 2 $5 bonus cards, one for each of the $25 gift card? Store 7431, Indianapolis


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  1. Hi, spindy. Welcome to the MyKmart Community and thanks for taking the time to share your question here!

    Have you reached out to the store manager at Kmart #7431 to ask for some help with the second gift card? I'm certain the manager in-store can help you with this!

    Please call 317-786-1421 to speak with the store manager or stop in and ask for some help at the customer service desk.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reach out!

    1. In response to laurelS

      If you are saying "yes" I should have received another $5 bonus card, then I will go back and talk to Julie the service desk supervisor.

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