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I planted some starlight lily bulbs in a pot, but they did not get much height to the stems. What could I have done wrong?


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  1. You may have done nothing wrong. Keep in mind that the size of your pot may limit the ultimate height of your lilies--they will grow to full size when grown in the ground. The bigger and deeper the pot, the taller your lily will grow. Assuming that you've planted the oriental lily 'Starlight', which is often referred to as 'Starlight Express', the heights vary depending on growing conditions, etc.--from 16 inches to 22 inches. Perhaps the height of your potted lily is between that range? If you planted 'Starlight' peace lily, the overall height is listed at 18 inches. If the height of your stems pale in comparison, try adding compost or a well-balanced fertilizer to the soil. Good luck!

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