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  1. Shop Your Way Rewards points are added to your account once you make the final layaway payment. It can take up to one week for the points to be added.

  2. They need to scan your SYWR card when you start the layaway. Then, when you make your last payment, the points show up. If they don't scan it in the beginning, then it's a bear to get those points added. Supposedly, someone in customer service can do it but I had bad experiences in that regard. So now I make sure they scan my card when I open the layaway! I just started my first online layaway and I'm not sure how that will work regarding the points! I have my SYWR member number registered on the Sears and Kmart websites, though.

  3. I was under the impression you do but paid mine off over a month ago and have yet to receive a single point for that purchase. Guess it falls under the non qualifying purchases along with tobacco and alcohol.

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      Did you use your Shop Your Way Rewards card (or give your email address or phone number) when you put the item on layaway? If you did, and it's been over a month without the points being added, or if you didn't use your SYWR account when you put the item on layaway, you can call 1(800)991-8708 to have the points added to your account. Please have your layaway contracts with you when you call - the original layaway contract will be the most helpful. In addition, this recently confused one of my customers, so it's worth mentioning here: you earn $1 on your SYWR account for every $100 you spend. My customer was expecting a lot more and was disappointed when she realized she had the ratio of points to dollars incorrect.