I ordered tights on and I ordered them the wrong size. Where and how do I exchange them? Also when the order came I got a wrong product I ordered two tights but I got one tight and one leggings. Would there be a problem if I go to the store to exchange and get the right size and the right product? And would I have the same price I paid or would I have to pay more for exchanging? Because I used my points on the order.

I made two orders of tights one with SYW points and the other no points.
The tights I ordered a small and a medium but I needed a large. And with one order I got leggings even though I did not order them.


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  1. Hi, Marie3780. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! You should be able to make the exchange in-store! I would recommend calling the store to be certain the store has the inventory you need on hand before you make the trip. The customer service team at your local Kmart will be able to help you with the exchange in-store and research inventory by phone.

    Hope this helps! Please feel free to reply with any additional questions or concerns.

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