I need to ask about the prescription programs for seniors or people in need?

I know an elderly woman, who has trouble getting her medicine paid for through insurance. I told her about Kmart and she went to check awhile ago in the city. But, it is too much for her to go and she is not well right now. I also want to know if there is particular information for each State for how it works. She is not well off and may have to do without some if she can’t get a discount and easier way to find them. My State is cutting benefits, and so I want to find an alternative. A link would be fine, or any information much appreciated. I will pass all information, regardless of what State people are in, should they need it.


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  1. Hi For2Day.

    I have found a valuable site that you can pull up all sorts of information on prescriptions and locations.

    Kmart offers Gold K prescription discounts up to 20% off for those 55+.

    There are also many great opportunities for discounts and Rewards tailored specifically for your needs and interests at

    Please click on Kmart Pharmacy and check to see if all information is being provided that you are needing.

    If not, please let us know what additional questions you might have and we can look into this further and get those answers too.

    Hope this helps to get you started!

    Have a great weekend!

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      I looked quickly and they did say you can call, but I did not see anything except prescriptions are delivered and mail ordered to my area. I saw they have something for medicare, but the insurance is an HMO and they limit your coverage for the year, and have been cutting off the medication. I know there is some help for some medicines from the actual manufacturing companies, but for the one's I checked into a few months ago, they did not cover what she needed most. And, of course my lovely state is always excluded from any rewards points for these items in any store offering it here. I did not see a discount for seniors, but perhaps it is under a different section.

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      Have you tried putting in your friends location on the main link I provided? (next to My Prescription Profile) That way you can pull up the Pharmacies in her area and call if you know what medications she needs covered.

      As far as the discount, I was under the impression that it will automatically be applied. I can check to find out where the discount information is located.

      As for the editing, sorry to say, we do not have an edit it button for our members to use as of yet. ;)

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      I can't do anything about it right now, but am already sending the information to someone else. I think Kmart needs to get this information out, as so many cuts to prescriptions are being made. Now,if only there were universal laws for the entire country, where all it's residents can have the benefits that the stores give for prescription medicine on their programs. The exclusion is only for a select few and I have no idea what law brought this in.

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      Hi For2Day,

      I can continuously pull up Gold Discount for Seniors online, but unable to locate on main website. Is there a way that you can also ask her local Kmart Pharmacy on senior discounts?

      Has your friend also signed up with other discount cards for pharmacy? This has saved my family quite a bit where our regular insurance does not cover a few assortments of meds.

      I will keep you updated as I continue to look for more information for you! ;)

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