I need some help with figuring out when the sales are in effect for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. I went through the ad and wrote down the items I want — some are during the 3-day sale (is that Thurs., Fri., and Sat.?) and some say Thursday at 8 p.m. How does that work? What time does the K open on Thanksgiving? Can I just shop later in the day on Thsnksgiving and hang out until 8 p.m.? Or do you have to wait outside at some point until 8 p.m.? Are the lines going to form for the 8 p.m. sale really early, even though the store is open? I’m not getting this, lol.


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  1. Does anyone from Kmart/Sears or a moderator have any insight on the separate sales and when the lines will form outside? I'd really appreciate some official comments on how this is all going to work! I've never heard of stores opening, then closing for 4 hours, and then reopening in the same day with new sales! I'd really like to know how to make the most of this and be able to buy the items I want!

  2. on Thanksgiving they will be open 6am to 4pm and reopen at 8pm. Stores will be closed between 4pm and 8pm.

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      Thanks, PrincessAM. Do you think people are going to be lined up all day on Thursday for the 8 pm sale or do you suppose Kmart won't let any lines form until 4 pm, when they close? I need to plan when to serve the turkey, hahahahaha!

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      You're welcome. I have no idea. I'm stumped on that, I usually don't shop on Black Friday.. although I shop a little bit on Thanksgiving have to break my 'tradition' of going to K-mart on Thanksgiving this year since the business hours are not convenient for me.

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