I need info about my pension account that was set up with ING? I never received any notices and just recently received a 1099R in the mail stating that I have an account with ING.

I would like any and all details about this..Thank you


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  1. Hi, sd6261.

    For information on your pension plan you can call the Financial Benefits Service Center at 1-888-875-0498.

    Hope this helps!

    1. In response to laurelS

      I did this and it's all automated. I need to speak to a real person.

    2. In response to laurelS

      Is there a contact phone number on your 1099R form? If so, I would recommend calling that number and I will also work to find a direct contact to help you with this.

    3. In response to laurelS

      I have the same issue. I got a 1099 saying that I was paid $3500 last year. I have not gotten a penny since I left KMart 20 some years ago, and now I can't get my tax return until this is straightened out. The contact number on the 1099 is 888-875-0498 and it is the worst, least user-friendly automated mess I have ever suffered through. There is no way to talk to an actual person, and no way to get an answer about this. Please Help.

    4. In response to laurelS

      For the last year or so, I have also been trying to get a hold of ING who I was told is servicing the Kmart pension plan. I agree with leslietess that the number listed is the worse user friendly automated mess. There is absolutely no way to actually speak to a live person. I get disconnected after listening. If I press 2 I am asked to supply my SS number then get disconnected. Can someone with Kmart or ING provide a phone number where we can speak to a live person? Please help all of us who are trying to collect pensions.

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