I made an instore purchase and I no longer have the receipt. Is it possible to still obtain an e-receipt? I have the debit information from my bank account. Thank you.

9/30/13 POS Purchase – Kmart 7029 Helena MT 5899 00303271818841331


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  1. Hi gdelaney. Welcome to MyKmart! Did you use your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Membership at check out by chance? If so, you can track your purchase history via your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Account!

    Sign into your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Account and click on "Rewards Points" in the top of the page next to your username. Once you click on "Rewards Points" a pop-up page will appear, click on "Account History". Here you will find your purchase history. Unfortunately you can not print, but you can provide the order ID and sales check to the Kmart Customer Service Team in-store or online to locate your transaction.

    Hope this helps! Please feel free to reply with additional questions and/or concerns.

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