I made a layaway payment online, that posted to my checking account on 12/3. However it never posted to my layaway. I called the toll free number showing on the posting transaction, which appears on my statement this way; 12/03/2013 Pos Debit POS DB WWW.KMART. 9040 12/03 1-866-562-7848 0550307412 $100.00 I spoke with a rep who said she was submitting a research request and I would hear from someone on Monday. She also told me if I have a layaway in the store I should not make payments online. Ok. I’m not sure I understand that, but at this point I think I will take my layaway elsewhere in the future. Sunday, December 8 I went to the store with my bank statement to let them know what was going to keep my layaway from being put back. I spoke with the manager who was great. He advised me that he has several issues recently like this. He said it will resolved but it may take 3-4 weeks. Note: I am a single mom of 2 children, I put our Christmas things on layaway because that’s the only way we have a Christmas. So 3-4 weeks is not acceptable because I can not make a payment again when the money has already been removed from my account. Monday, December 9 I did not receive a follow up call. I called again, and spoke with a rep who went through the same series of questions and advised me again, no payment is showing having been made. It as slightly frustrating to go through the same 10 minutes of questions and waiting for someone to come to same conclusions. It was as if calling Friday was pointless because here we are back at step one. She also submitted another request, Im assuming for someone to check into it and call me back. She said I would be contacted within 3-5 days. Tonight, December 13 is the 5th business day, again I not been contacted. So called again the first person I spoke with was also very apathetic. She asked me for information I had already disclosed, she told me I needed to see the store because she could not help me, and eventually said I needed to speak with the online services department, which she explained was a supervisor. She attempted to transfer me, however we were disconnected. I called back requested online services, the rep who I was speaking with was extremely kind and helpful. She stayed on the line until a supervisor answered. The supervisor however, was the worst customer service experience I had ever encountered. She interrupted me repeatedly, and said if I had made a payment it would show with my phone number or my email address. Since it did not, I didn’t make a payment. I explained again that I surely did, and it was deducted from my checking account. She became argumentative and said I needed to see the store. I went over my visit with the store again, and explained that the store did not take my money, the website did. She said what I believe is a payment is only a pending charge and I need to see my banking institution. I went over again, that it is not pending but has posted to my account and is visible on my bank statement. She interrupted and argued with me for several minutes. I could not finish a complete sentence unless I talked over her. It was beyond frustrating to be treated this way and have a supervisor refuse to help and only argue with me. It is less than 11 days from Christmas, this has been going on since December 3, and I had no resolution, no contact from Kmart after my so far 4 calls. No one seems to be able to tell me anything, and yet Kmart has received the money I paid. I have offered documentation of this repeatedly, and tonight the supervisor told me it didnt matter becuae if I had made a payment they would see it. That money has clearly been misapplied. It needs to be credited to my layaway or returned to my account. This is not my first layaway, and prior to this experience and spoke highly of Kmart. I ave never had an issue before this. This has become a nightmare, and I am concerned it will not only not be resolved but also ruin Christmas for my family. I do not know who I need to call or what steps I need to take, I thought I was going to make progress with a supervisor and yet, the issue seems worse than before. I do not know what to do next other than contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they can help me. Does anyone here know any other way to get this corrected, or who I need to speak with that can help me?

I can provide documentation from my bank, and request to be contacted at **5-***-****


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  1. Dear leigh8274,

    We thank you for taking the time to let us know about this situation, and we’re sorry for the level of customer service rendered when you reached out for our assistance in reference to your layaway. We like to help you get this matter resolved. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (leigh8274), your phone # used at time of purchase to We’ll be happy to have one of our dedicated case managers speak with you and assist you with this. Again, we’re sorry for the inconveniences, and we look forward talking to you soon.

    Edwin C.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi leigh8274,

    We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention and are truly sorry for what you have been experiencing with your layaway payment.

    To help you further on this issue I am putting you in contact with our Kmart Cares team. They will be able to help in assisting by providing you with a dedicate case manager who will work with you until resolved.

    Please know that I will be reaching out via email once our team responds directing you back for contact. Your phone will be sent to the Kmart Cares team and will be removed from our public website to protect your privacy as well as security.

    Your concerns are very important to us, and we thank you for sharing your feedback with us on this matter.

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