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i live on 10 acres and it is riddled with moles. solar chasers do not cover a large area. i am on a well so i do not want poison in the ground. what is the best solution?


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  1. Kudos for not wanting to poison the ground! Solar chasers never worked for me, even in a smaller area. Some people have had success with fox urine sprays, which are available online as well as many garden centers and outdoor/farm supply stores. However keep in mind that what works in one yard or garden may not work in another. I've had pretty good luck with castor oil-based sprays and most brands available are earth-friendly. Of course the most effective, fool-proof method is trapping, and the harpoon style is one of the best. You can also try setting mousetraps inside an active tunnel that is baited with a mole's favorite food, which is grubs and worms. Good luck and let me know what ends up working for you.

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