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I live in Southern California. When do I plant tomato plants? Indeterminite or determinite? What two are the heartiest to grow?


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  1. Tomato plants can go in the ground after frost danger has past, which may be as early as "now" in your area. Indeterminate versus determinate is a matter of personal preference: determinate varieties are bushier and need little to no staking or caging; indeterminate types continue to grow, are more vinelike and require staking, trellising or super-sized caging, and have the added bonus of bearing fruit over a longer period of time. I grow a combination of both types. With your very warm summers you can grow heirlooms like Pineapple and Black Krim to their full-bodied flavor. Other varieties that excel in your area include Better Boy, Early Girl, Delicious, Celebrity, and heirloom Cherokee Purple. Early Girl and Delicious are super easy to grow, as is the heirloom Black Krim. Good luck!

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