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I live in So. Calif. and have to resort to growing tomatoes in containers due to lack of space. Are there any types you recommend that would be good to try and would be disease resistant? Also, what size container is best suited for growing them? Thank you for your suggestions.


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  1. The good news is that you can grow most any tomato variety in a container as long as the container is large enough and a cage or trellis is provided for the more vigorous, indeterminate varieties. That said, a few tasty tomato varieties with disease resistance include Valley Girl, Celebrity, Taxi, Mountain Spring, Mountain Pride, Better Boy, and one of my favorites--Early Cascade. Defiant is a variety that I found at my local K-Mart a few weeks ago. This will be my first year growing this variety. It's bred for both disease-resistance and flavor and a good choice for growing in containers. Smaller grape and cherry tomatoes you might want to try are Red Pearl, Monica, Smarty, Sungold, and Juliet. For best results, choose a container at least two gallons in size or has a diameter of at least 12-inches. The bigger the pot, the bigger the tomato yield. A half-whiskey barrel or any container that size is ideal. Good luck!

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