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I live in NY and was given s aunflower-seed kit as a wedding favor in September. When is the best time to plant and will they grow well indoors?


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  1. Sunflowers can be grown indoors, but they are a bit trickier to grow. These colorful annuals require lots of sun and plenty of room, so they need to be grown in a large container--the bigger the better--and by a large, sunny window. Keep in mind that sunflowers can grow to heights ranging from 10 inches to 10 feet, depending on the variety. You might check your seed packet to see if there are any growing instructions and/or if the variety and growing height are mentioned.

    While indoor growing has its challenges, you can plant the seeds outside in early spring or as soon as your soil can be worked. The added bonus is the birds these flowers will attract as they come to feast on the seed heads once the flowering season has come to an end. Enjoy!

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