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I live in Northern California, the Wine Country, been starting tomato seedlings (from scratch) indoors for weeks now, they are getting kinda big, when can they be transplanted into soil outdoors?


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  1. Your tomato seedlings can be planted anytime after all danger of frost has passed, which is most likely the case in your area. As a former market grower, what we did and most growers do is start the seeds in cell packs, then transplant to a 4-inch pot, and then transplant to a gallon size, and then sold them at market or transplanted them in our own market garden. Sturdy plants of this size always produce sooner and more healthy crops than smaller seedlings. But at this time of year it's probably best to put overgrown tomato seedlings in the ground. I recommend removing the lower leaves and planting the tomato lower in the ground than it was grown in the pot. This will result in new roots growing all along the stem underground, which produces a sturdier and healthier plant. Enjoy the harvest!

  2. I'm not sure ; I only answered because I'm totally infatuated with your region ! I hope to someday retire to Mid-Central California if I can... (^^,!
    Good luck with your seedlings ! I live in tomato-growing heaven (the Midwest) and if you use the common cents that I know you have, you'll do fine ! Tomatoes virtually grow themselves :) A little peat moss and some store-bought top soil mixed-into your existing soil should work well... We've been enjoying California's produce early, so it shouldn't be too hard, LOL !

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