I just went to kmart and the checker tried to look up my shop my ways card # with the correct email and she couldn’t get it. Is there a way I can get the points ?

reciept # 07047 120912 002 27788 Amount of $49.51.


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  1. Eric is right, you can submit a credit request here and confirm/update your Shop Your Way Rewards Account info at Hope this helps!

    Note: Your Shop Your Way Rewards Membership Number was removed from this question for your privacy and security.

  2. You can go to to not only get the points you are owed put on your account, but you can also update your information so that your email address and phone number are accurate. This way, you will be able to use them to look up your account the next time you're at a register.

    1. In response to ericdn

      Thanks: just went and followed simple directions and it didn't hurt at all... :-)
      Always looking to save money where I can.

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