I just wanted to say I am soooooo happy for your Doners the angels in your layaway this year. I usually go to wal-mart being a single parent i always used lay-aways to shop for my daughter now shopping for grand child I still use layaways. This is the first x-mas i decided to use K-mart instead of Wal-marts lay-away and a doner payed out my lay-away I was so shocked I just stood there wanting to cry with the way the economy is today this saved me alot. It was my last pay check before x-mas . Thanks yo your doner Angels we will have a very nice X-mas ! wont be going back to Wal-mart lay-away things happen for a reason and this was a perfect example. god bless K-mart doner angels in the lay-away . ,


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  1. This is so awesome to hear, Thererangles. What a wonderful Christmas gift for you and your family indeed. I am happy to hear it was a huge help, this is the true spirit of Christmas!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us here. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. That's outstanding! Congratulations!!!

  3. Hi Thererangels,

    What a wonderful surprise for you and your family!

    We are very blessed to have these Layaway Angels come in and help those have a less stressful holiday. These angels are anonymous individuals who come into the Kmart stores and pay off an individual's layway.

    As you mentioned, times can be tough for some, and this gift is priceless with its giving nature.

    Enjoy the Layaway angels blessing and have a beautiful Christmas!

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