I just received a 30 Cents off coupon at the Kmart in Willow Street which is located in Lancaster, PA. I can’t find any Sunoco’s even close to this location. I live in area code 17314 and shop at that Kmart location often. If there isn’t any gas stations local, then why do they give out a coupon. Doesn’t make sense?


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  1. Hi, aladybug. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! There are two fueling locations in Lancaster:

    1 EAST TOWNE MALL, LANCASTER 17602 (partners with Sunoco)
    1890 FRUITVILLE PIKE, LANCASTER 17601 (partners with Sunoco)

    Please click here to view the complete list of participating stores by state. Hope this helps! Please feel free to reply with any additional questions.

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      Also 111 West Orange Street in Lancaster City is participating as well. I work there and we have been doing them since the beginning. Not sure why our store isn't listed but will let my boss know. Come on in and we will be glad to help you!

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      We appreciate you coming in and posting that your location is accepting coupons and hope that it can be added to the list soon.

      Thank you for the update onerichman!

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      I was looking at the Kmart list thinking it was the Sunoco Aplus stations that can accept coupons. Is there such a list yet for the Lancaster, Pa and other areas? It would be nice to be able to direct some customers to a website or someplace. Apparently many Sunoco stations are not participating in our area. This is good for our location but a problem for customers. Thanks for any info you can give me!

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      The two addresses listed are for the other two Kmarts in Lancaster County. There are three the one in Willow Street that the person got their points from and the one at East Towne Mall and the one for Fruitville Pike. There are no gas stations at these locations. Did you even check that gas list of yours? That list shows no locations in Lancaster or York Area. The gentleman that wrote in about the gas station on West Orange Street should be given a gift card.

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      As far as I can see the reason your gas station isn't on Laurel S list of gas stations is because she doesn't know the difference between a gas station and a Kmart. Those two addresses she listed are just the other two Kmarts in Lancaster county. They do not have Gas Stations. That gas list they have does not list any Gas Stations in Lancaster or York. Will be in to see you guys soon for my gas and will pass on to others who are in search of a station to use.

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      Your above listed gas stations are the addresses of the other two Kmarts in Lancaster County they are not gas stations. Both you, Laurel S and that gas list are a joke. There are no listings in Lancaster or York for gas stations.

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      Even this website is crappy. I replyed with my first post to Laurel S. My second response was with the reply button under onerichman's comment the third was under the reply for SHC Wendy FD-2.
      They all posted as responses to laurelS. Why even have seperate replys under each comment if you are going to bundle them under the first person who replied.

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