I just got the best deal on a Kenmore microwave! This is why I LOVE Kmart!

So, I was shopping and I saw a Kenmore brand (which I love!) microwave that was originally 140$ on sale for 80$. I decided to get it since my other microwave recently burned out, and when I paid, I used my 10$ in SYWR points and a 10% off kitchen electronics coupon that printed off with my Kmart reciept the night before, so that was an extra 18$ off right there. Then I recieved a 5$ gift card for spending over 50$, and the cashier informed me that I would receive 10x the points for this purchase because it was a VIP bonus day! Well, when I checked my receipt, I saw that they gave me 18$ back in points!!! So in the end, with all the coupons, gift cards and SYWR points, I paid 39$ for a 140$ microwave! This is why I really LOVE Kmart!!! The microwave looks nice, and I can’t believe the deal I got….it made my day! Thanks Sterling Illinois Kmart!!!


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  1. So happy to hear you were able to snag this deal, Deb! Be sure to share your review of the microwave with us once you have a chance to test it out for a while. :)

  2. Hi Deb,

    How exciting to get such a great deal! I love those moments.

    Like Izel had mentioned, Kmart offers some great savings if people took the time to come in and shop even after a bad experience. I have negative experiences all the time, not just with Kmart, but that does not stop me from returning for items that I need.

    What a great share Deb! I love to read post like these ;)

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      Yes, this is a deal that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else! It's a steal! I couldn't help but feel like I was ripping Kmart off in a way, that's how good of a deal it was!

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      That is a great deal.

  3. Kmart has had a LOT of really good deals on a wide variety of items recently, way too many to list. If only more people were aware of some of the deals Kmart has they probably would have better store sales. All those customers who have had a bad experience at Kmart and claim they will never return would if the price is right and 9 times outta 10 they are but nobody knows about the deals. Kmart has been living up to its original slogan "Kmart is the saving place" :-)

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      It is amazing some of the things I have found at Kmart like this! Store sales paired with SYWR coupons can really save you ALOT of money, and the products are nice too, it's not like they are some off brand name that is a cheap piece of junk!

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      I found a similar great deal around this time last year on an outdoor table clearance priced at $50, same table was originally priced at $250 this past fall when I checked on the same model. The only thing wrong besides being the last of three left in stock at that store was the expired coupon inside for a table cover which wasn't an issue at all for the price we paid. Transporting it home was quite scary since it had to be wedged into the back of the truck because it wouldn't fit properly, tying it down with the straps we had would break the glass top part so praying for the best we took the long way home avoiding the freeway. Scary on a windy snowy day but I couldn't walk away from a price like that. Technically, the Kmart we bought that table from is on the same road I live on just 30 miles away so it was a straight shot home and all major disasters were avoided. I was sick to my stomach from anxiety by the time we got home because one gust of wind could have blown it out.

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