I just got charged on my debit card for two charges on 01/26/2014 that I did not make Both have the same order number, but my Kmart account does not even show the orders. I would like to know how to trace the store that the orders were made (#7840) from and who is receiving the merchandise. Trying to save money, but ghost orders not helping


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  1. I received an email from KMart 1/29/2014 stating funds were taken from my account on 1/27 due to a payment in Nov/Dec 2013 and only a portion of the amount was taken. The email did not give an order number or the amount taken. I called customer service after responding to the email. I spoke to Randy-02286 who told me there was a glitch in KMart system during this time frame and KMart has the right to go in your account over a month later and take funds without informing you. He told me to read the disclaimer on BEYOND RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE! People suffered due to their system error. Funds were taken without authorization or notifying the customers that they should value. They will never get a dime from my family again! It wasn\\\'t enough that they shipped my packages to the wrong address. Thank God the home was vacant! Some of the packages could not be redelivered so I had to pick those up from a UPS store in a county and city in this horrible weather! Thanks Kmart for overdrafting my account due to your inconsideration and lack of communication.

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      Hi, LaTashaG. Welcome! I'm sorry to hear about this experience. Is there anything else we can do to help? It sounds as if you have already been in touch with our Customer Care Team. Do you have an existing case with this team?

  2. Same thing happened to me. I have been going back and forth with them over a recharged refund. Horrible customer service! I will never use their site again!

  3. Did you shop at Target around Christmas time? If so, contact your bank.

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      No only Kmart and Sears, but looks like Kmart has also been hacked and are refusing to accept responsibility. A lot of customers are experiencing the same charges on the same days the charges were posted to my card.

  4. Hello Geogiannie,
    My name is Tony and I am part of the Kmart Cares team. Thank you for alerting us of the purchase issues that you have recently experienced. The aggravation that you must feel with having been charged twice is absolutely understandable and we would be happy to step in and assist in getting this straightened out. If you would like to discuss this matter in more detail or have any other concerns, please feel free to send the following information – contact #, screen name (Geogiannie), phone # used at time of purchase to We do look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Thank you,
    MyKmart Community Moderator

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      I did not make the purchase, so I have no order number. There are two charges on my debit card from Kmart. I called my card company and was told I was not the only person calling complaining about Kmart charges on 1/26/2014. They had received many calls, but Kmart is insisting the charges are legitimate. I checked my order history on Kmart and there are no items for the amounts on my card. I had not ordered any items since before Christmas and all items were paid for and I had received all the items. It looks like Kmart has been hacked like some of the other stores. The charges need to be taken off my card and if not I will never buy from Kmart or Sears again. I have spent a lot of money with Sears and Kmart and now am being taken advantage of.

  5. Hi, Georgiannie. Welcome! I'm very sorry to hear about this. I can imagine how frustrating this is for you. I will put you in contact with our Customer Care Team who can help address your concerns further. Once the Team responds to you here, I will email you to let you know.

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

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