I just bought the comforter set The Grand Find 16 piece set from kmart and the sheets fell apart and this is my 2nd comforter set in the past month I started with Essential Home Brand I was wondering if their is a brand that is equevelent to TGIF 16 piece set I bought I could buy at sears kmart or even lands end that would not fall apart like the one’s currently writing about can someone please help?


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  1. I like the Country Living and Jacyln Smith brands!

  2. I think that it depends on the type of mattress you have and what the sheet is made of and how much it has to pull over the bed. I am trying to find a comforter now, so I have no advice for that. I wanted the old cotton/percale if that is what it is called. They used to be smoother and lasted a long time. Even the more expensive cotton with high thread count ripped for me. I also felt they were stiff. I did buy a Cannon, as suggested below from Kmart at a very inexpensive price with lots of colors that I like. It is a mix blend and you have to read what the material is. I have washed one by hand first and then once by machine. There is a slight sheen to it. So far so good. I won't write about it until many more washings to be sure. It is sold in separate fitted and flat sheets.

  3. I don't understand -- how can sheets "fall apart?" They're just a big ole piece of hemmed cloth, essentially. Anyhoo, I haven't had a problem with the Essential Home brand but have you tried Cannon? That brand has been around forever and Kmart sells it. But if you're going through a lot of sheets, maybe your dryer is chewing them up? I dunno.

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      I was told they fell apart in the wash my grandma said and after consulting my mom she said that they where poor quality and after feather inspection I will agree I was thinking of going threw lands end but they are so expensive