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I have peonies transplanted from a shady spot. One plant flowers, the others bud but don’t flower. Should I move them again or try something else?

the flowering plant is in full sun, the others in part shade.


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  1. If you moved your peonies to a sunny area I would leave them be. Moving or dividing peonies too often can cause a plant not to bloom. A plant is also unlikely to bloom if buds were present during a late freeze. If the buds blacken and wither it could be a fungal disease. If that's the case, then spray in spring as new growth emerges with a copper fungicide.

    These growing tips will also encourage a peony to bloom: good air circulation, full sun with afternoon shade in hottest climates, a 2 to 3 inch layer of organic mulch, water regularly during dry spells, and a low-nitrogen high-phosphorus fertilizer. A spring application of bone meal or rock dust worked into the soil will benefit plants.

    Keep in mind that a peony is unlikely to bloom the first year after planting or transplanting, and depending on the type and/or size of the transplant it may take from 3 to 4 years. It could just be that the plant that is blooming is the exception rather than the rule. Good luck!

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