I have had poor customer service in the Chesapeake,Va near where I live over the years and vowed not to go back. Things like associates and store managers with unprofessional behaviors, lost layaways, and dirty, unorganized areas of the store but my experience with your Norfolk,Va store on N. Military Hwy has been the worst. Back at the beginning of October, I made a layaway on line for learning toys for my kids. Within the hour an associate from that store in Norfolk called and said that inventory showed that they didn\\\’t have the color I wanted and she and another associate could not figure out how to hold the item under a different color so my layaway would have to be cancelled. That did not make any sense to me that you would rather cancel than figure out a solution to keep a customer but ok I chalked it up to more bad service with Kmart. She said my down payment would be released from hold in my account and the layaway would be canceled. Well that didn\\\’t happen! I called the Norfolk store and Joanne,manager,assured me she would look into it and call me back last night (mind you this was after calling the store waiting on hold for 10 minutes and being hung up on six times before she even got to the phone),of course no callback, no follow up. We live in a social media conscious culture today, evidently Kmart does not care about that or customers. I would like this matter handled so I can get on with my shopping at store who does care. Sent from J\\\’s thoughts 


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  1. Hi, Zamari3. I am very sorry to hear about your past experiences with Kmart in the Chesapeake and Norfolk, VA areas. I am also extremely sorry to hear about your recent layaway experienc with the Norfolk Kmart store. I would like to have our Customer Care Team reach out to you to help you address this further as you are a very important customer to us and we would like to help make this right in any way possible. We certainly care about you and want to help. Please be on the lookout for a response in this thread from the Kmart Customer Care Team. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns here.

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      Dear Zamari3,

      My name is Kiera and I am a part of the Kmart Customer Care Team and we would like to apologize for your recent retail experience. We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service possible and I am so sorry that we’ve let you down. We can definitely understand why you would be frustrated with us after your layaway being cancelled, the delay in your refund, and the lack of customer service that you’ve been provided while trying to rectify this matter. We would like to follow up with you and ensure that your concerns are resolved. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information to Please include your FB screen name (Zamari3), so we may expedite your request, and we do look forward to speaking with you.


      Kiera J.
      MyKmart Social Media Moderator
      Kmart Social Media Support